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Reliable Maintenance

We can repair bicycles to large motorcycles, even old motorcycles!!

We have certified mechanics all the time at our garage,
which is approved by Kanto District Land Transport Bureau.
Our experienced mechanics will promise you a reliable and safe motorcycle life. will take care of the repair and maintenance.
We will repair motorcycles that were purchased at other shops or motorcycles that do not start.
If you are in Kasukabe area in Saitama, contact us.


Pre-delivery inspection and vehicle inspection

Pre-delivery inspection

Inspection and maintenance based on the legal 24 month inspection is inspecting the parts
that are required to check by the nation and parts that is required to check routinely. As well as these parts,
we will check more closely and do maintenance and exchange parts (excluding expendable parts).
Inspection is different if it is a new model, a model that is no longer sold,
and an import motorcycle, so please ask when you purchase your motorcycle.


Routine inspection

Please let help you with your routine inspection
so you can ride your motorcycle safely every day and for a long time.
Pleas ask us anything if you have something that you are worried
about or want to have difficult maintenance that require special knowledge.
Contents of inspection is different depending on how long
you have been riding your motorcycle or the model so please ask us for detail.


Safety inspection and insurance

Safety inspection is a system to check if a motorcycle passes the safety standard required for a car or motorcycle
over 250cc in a certain period (for a motorcycle, after the first 3 years and every 2 years after that).
It is done by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport at the District Land Transport Bureau.
It is also a system to authenticate the ownership of a vehicle.
The maintenance for the safety inspection at our shop is to inspect the vehicle to see
if it will pass the safety standard visually and with instruments and if it requires repair,
we repair it. That is our safety inspection maintenance.
We welcome motorcycles you purchased elsewhere,
a motorcycle you are currently riding as well as getting the safety inspection when you purchase a motorcycle.
If you have any questions about safety inspection, please contact us!


Repair and customization will take care of your repair and customization!
Repair and customization is different depending on the customer,
but we have various custom parts so it will be as close as you imagine.
If you are looking for any parts or special repair, leave it to!
We can do maintenance on 2 cylinder cycles, old models, and imports.
We will do as much as we can to your request so please contact us.


Sonpo Japan Nipponkoa Agent

We have car insurance, motorcycle insurance, mandatory vehicle liability insurance, free road assistance.
We will be your general counter for in case of an accident, and take care of your risk management.


Feel free to contact us via phone or email